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Our boys have joined QSI Brindisi more than 10 years ago and we are happy with the progress they have made. As parents we have found the staff, particularly teachers friendly and approachable.

The school has continuously cultivated a positive teacher-student interactions and this had a great positive impact for students to feel safe, connected, and engaged. During the ongoing pandemic crisis, the school was well organized and on several occasions smoothly transitioned from classroom learning to distance learning.

The parents-school partnership is also well established, we are informed on regular basis and given opportunity to engage in school events and activities.

QSI Parent

I love working for QSI because it is incredibly student-centered. 
Teachers are fully dedicated to their jobs, and they use inventive and engaging methods of instruction to make the students thrive. I am not just talking about academic success -QSI teachers truly care for the self-worth, safety, and personal development of the students. Thanks also to the size of the classes, QSI teachers get to know the students personally...and by the end of the year, the feeling is the one of belonging to one big family.

QSI Teacher

I love QSI because I really feel at home and comfortable there.  I like science and cultural studies very much and P.E. is also lots of fun.  

QSI Elementary Student

I like QSI because of I love PE, technology, and science.  I have nice friends and we work well together.

QSI Elementary Student