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Middle School

Students ages of 12-13 years old are placed in the Middle School program. These formative years are dedicated to the beginning of a much more rigorous academic career and dedication to students advisory. At this stage, pupils no longer are bound to one teacher throughout the day, but go from class to class in order to receive instruction from specialists in their academic fields.

Young adolescents are going through a time of great physical and cognitive changes, as well as working to identify social skills. At QSI, we dedicate ourselves to providing education for the child, with a focus on strong beliefs and achievements. Students are taught that to be successful in life they must embody the traits of our Success Orientations:

Trustworthiness - means students tell the truth and are honest about their interactions. It means that someone like a friend or a teacher can trust the students and count on them to do the right thing.

Responsibility - means students come to school on time, prepared, and ready to learn each day. It also means they bring materials and books to school when needed and do their best consistently in every class, every day.

Aesthetic Appreciation -  means students respect the spaces that they use in  the school, such as their cubby/locker, classroom, hallway, or cafeteria. It means that they take care of the environment inside and outside the school by picking up trash and cleaning up after themselves. it also means students respect how other people create their ideas, not just in art and music, but in every class.

Concern for Others - means students accept other people no matter where they are from or what their beliefs are. It means that students include others in their activities and help friends or others who may be sad or hurt. Students show others their care and concern for others through acts of sharing and moments of empathy.

Kindness and Politeness - means students are kind and polite to everyone at school, not just teachers and friends, but also others who might not be their friends. It also means they are helpful and patient with everyone.

Independent Endeavor - means teachers assign students work and students then do it by themselves. They pay attention to personal work and stay focused on the task at hand. Teachers can trust students to do the work independently and to the best of their ability. Students may pursue an interest beyond curricular expectations to further increase their understanding of the topic.

Group Interaction - means students work well with others in class and in small groups. They cooperate with those in the group and work on ways to solve problems, find positive solutions, and develop collaborative skills.

By fostering these important attributes, our teachers are empowering students to internalize their own decision-making process toward making healthy choices for life.

Academic time is spent on purposeful, engaging learning, with a relevant curriculum and daily feedback.


11 YO

First page of the PDF file: Curriculum-10

12 YO

First page of the PDF file: Curriculum-1

13 YO

First page of the PDF file: Curriculum-6