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The Advisory Board  of QSI International School of Brindisi will award scholarships to families in need of financial assistance in order to support the educational needs of their children, as well as to support the school's goal of expanding the educational programming available to all children.

Application and Notification

  • Scholarships will be awarded to the oldest eligible child of a family with more than one child applying, and will not exceed one full award per family (unless extenuating circumstances apply).
  • Scholarships will be considered for students ages 5 years old and older.
  • All new applicants for a scholarship must meet with the Director before the scholarship application will be reviewed.
  • If a parent is applying for a scholarship and also serving on the Advisory Board, he/she will recuse themselves of all discussions regarding the review of scholarship applications and allocation of funds.
  • Scholarship Renewal amounts will be decided upon no later than May of the preceding school year.
  • This policy will be reviewed annually and may be amended by majority vote of the Advisory Board.

Available Funding

  • Each school year the amount of money to be made available for scholarships will not exceed 10% of the regular school fee income for students paying full fees in the 5 year old class and older..
  • The parents will pay the $ 300.00 registration fee if accepted for a scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Students must be in good academic standing in their respective age level and be an asset and contributor to the positive social climate of the school.
  • Families of scholarship students are expected to contribute to the school in the form of volunteer hours, or in-kind contributions.
  • To be considered for a scholarship, the child must demonstrate they will benefit from the school's educational program.
  • The Advisory Board will weigh the relative merit of each case before awarding a scholarship.

Maintaining Eligibility for Financial Aid

  • Students must maintain acceptable grades and satisfactory ratings for success orientations
  • Scholarship students must contribute to the social climate of the school.

In all cases, the decision of the Advisory Board is final.